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Luxury Liner

Luxury Liner

Nickname: dsy_liner
Price: $202,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Liner
Hitpoints: 180,000
Nanobots: 700
Shield Bats: 700

The Luxury Liner was initially designed for Orbital Spa and Cruise by the renowned ship architect, Peter Englund, a designer employed by White Spa Lines, a subsidiary arm of Orbital Spa and Cruise itself.

Orbital Spa and Cruise ordered several of the vessels, the most notable of which are the tourist liners Hawaii and Shetland, although there are known to be several others. With all the latest in holographic entertainment and artificial persons, as well as utilizing the latest in VI technology, the liners are the pinnacle of luxurious ship design and architecture, allowing OSC VIPs and dignitaries to travel in style.


Baltimore Shipyard$202,000,000New YorkDeep Space EngineeringE3
Planet Baden Baden$202,000,000StuttgartOrbital Spa and CruiseF6