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Nickname: dsy_li_elite2
Price: $945,000 Credits
Ship Class: Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 8,300
Nanobots: 54
Shield Bats: 54

Used primarily for escort and light inderdiction throughout Liberty, the Executioner has enough firepower to challenge any fighter or bomber opponent it might encounter. Extended armor provides more protection, while a heavy power core bolsters its offensive capabilities. The Executioner has steadily replaced the Defender as Liberty's premiere Heavy Fighter.


Battleship Yukon$945,000CortezLiberty NavyD3
Battleship Rio Grande$945,000ColoradoLiberty NavyC4
Battleship Mississippi$945,000TexasLiberty NavyF4
Battleship Gettysburg$945,000New LondonLiberty NavyD6
Battleship Concord$945,000PooleLiberty NavyG6