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Lane Hacker Gunship

Lane Hacker Gunship

Nickname: dsy_lhgunship
Price: $32,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Gunship
Hitpoints: 80,000
Nanobots: 290
Shield Bats: 290

Much like the other vessels of the LHX series, the "Interloper" was created as an answer to an increased pressure from domestic fleets which made apparent the weaknesses and flaws of the previous design. A new solution was needed to increase the effectiveness of Hacker fleet and to expand its range of operations. The gunship was designed to provide both greater tactical reconnaissance and heavy combat support.

The "Interloper" continues the Lane Hacker tradition of incorporating an advanced electronic warfare suite into it’s already powerful arsenal. With a revolutionary sensor array, this gunship has the ability to scan ships and other installations in a far greater detail and at a much greater speed. While at cruising speed, the primary sensor array is extended, providing advanced features such as long range communication or improved tactical and threat assessments. Greater range and tracking features makes the ship ideal for "hit and run" style engagements and infiltration maneuvers, being able to bypass most scanners until it is ready to engage.


Airdrie Hideout$32,000,000AlbertaLane Hacker GuardH7 (-15k below plane)