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Nickname: dsy_l_ane
Price: $50,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Transport
Hitpoints: 105,000
Nanobots: 380
Shield Bats: 380

With the formal advent of the Council and the indirect support that movement granted, the Brigands and Unione Corse were suddenly freed to produce vessel capable of ferrying much more ambitious quantities of goods, both illicit and mundane, amongst their bases and construction sites.

Well armed and armored, the sleek lines of the l'Ane have caught the eye of many a shipping captain on more legitimate sides of the fence, resulting in the vessel finding itself in the hands of more than one Council pilot hard pressed to secure a more legitimate train.


Caussade Depot$50,000,000RoussillonThe MaquisF5
Narbonne Base$50,000,000LanguedocGallic BrigandsE3
Planet Marne$50,000,000ChampagneGallic BrigandsF6
Avon Hideout$50,000,000Ile-de-FranceThe MaquisG6
Boulogne Base$50,000,000PicardyGallic BrigandsB6