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Nickname: dsy_kushan_vhf
Price: $6,218,000 Credits
Ship Class: Bomber
Hitpoints: 16,800
Nanobots: 82
Shield Bats: 82

The Renzu Corporation, a humble business concern that has survived the centuries amongst giants of industry, recently attracted a number of talented young shipwrights by promises of making a fresh expression of their talents outside the well worn channels of Kusari business practice. Through a limited partnership and considerable speculative investment on the part of Interspace Commerce, these unique vessels have begun to creep into the open, and grey, markets of Sirius.

A high end up market vessel that cuts no corners for power and agility, the Touketsu is perfectly suited to handle any combat situation that it might find itself in. While not suited for deep space, complex life support systems being stripped away to enhance its overall performance, this vessel has been bred for life amongst the lanes.


Waterloo Station$6,218,000New LondonInterspace CommerceD6
Renzu Shipyards$6,218,000ShikokuInterspace CommerceF6
Newark Station$6,218,000New YorkInterspace CommerceC4