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Nickname: dsy_kushan_lf
Price: $1,745,000 Credits
Ship Class: Light Fighter
Hitpoints: 3,400
Nanobots: 35
Shield Bats: 35

This light auxillary vessel was built by Samura to try and regain some of the Kusari civilian ship market that had been taken by Kishiro and Renzu during previous years. Designed as a high end personal craft, it was meant to ferry couriers in between planets and bases quickly and in safety. While it is used for this purpose often, once the ship made it onto the open market it became a popular choice for many Kusari civilians. Though it seems that few official producers seem to have records of many ships being purchased by the Hogosha and Farmer's Alliance, it seems to be their favorite choice as scout and surveillance ships, and is a very common sight in Hogosha and Farmer's Alliance hands.


Battleship Kumamoto$1,745,000Sigma-17Farmers AllianceC6
Planet Tomioka$1,745,000NaganoSamura IndustriesG5