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Kusari Imperial Yacht

Kusari Imperial Yacht

Nickname: dsy_kusaribb
Price: $545,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Battleship
Hitpoints: 1,800,000
Nanobots: 0
Shield Bats: 2,000

In the first centuries of Kusari expansion the Emperor and his Shogun would traverse the glowing skies of the state in a flotilla of vessels, each in turn housing the guardsmen and secretaries of state needed to enable the will of the Emperor. When came the day that the royal house would travel to Liberty in order to effect trade negotiations it was decided that a vessel as secure as it was awe inspiring more suitable vessel was needed.

Built to dwarf the fleets of nations, the Satsuma was commissioned as a artisan craft, as ornate as it was deadly, as awe inspiring as it was indestructible. It was the crowning vessel of its age, the flag vessel of the Liberty Navy would have been blackened in her shadow if it were not illuminated by her light. Now centuries old these vessels, one still for the Emperor and his Shogun, maintain the same dominance of grace and beauty with the deadly ferocity to ensure the safe passage of her precious cargo.


Guard Station$545,000,000BastilleThe AdminsH8