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Kusari Battleship

Kusari Battleship

Nickname: dsy_ku_battleship
Price: $495,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Dreadnought
Hitpoints: 2,450,000
Nanobots: 0
Shield Bats: 2,000

Engineered by Samura Heavy Industries for the Naval Forces following the coup of 321 AS the vessel was built to serve as a hallmark for the new dynasty. Surpassing contemporary Houses' counterparts in size, it is the highest symbol of Kusari military power and it has, in following Kusari tradition, a very extensive lifetime for a hull of this type. The ever progressing march of these massive war vessels into Bretonian territory despite all efforts at opposition stand as grim tribute to the vessel's original craftsmanship and Kusari's ability to blend the artisan lines of tradition with the deadly efficiency of modern innovation.


Kure Shipyard$495,000,000New TokyoKusari Naval Forces GuardC3