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Nickname: dsy_kadesh_lf
Price: $11,000 Credits
Ship Class: Light Fighter
Hitpoints: 4,000
Nanobots: 37
Shield Bats: 37

Based on a popular airship common to Libertonian skies for generations; the day to day travel needs, and wallets, of the clientele pushed the development of this ship from the household docking platform to the interstellar tradelanes. Considered a cut above the 'mundane' CTE 750AE "Starflea", as it's referred to with disdain by those who can afford not to own it, this vessel has earned its place as the go to interstellar transport for the up-and-comer flying from the villa on Denver to the office on Manhattan and back again before the synth's grown cold.

With defenses more than capable of dealing with inner-house ne'er-do-wells and bringing the fight back when entrusted to the right hands, this vessel rarely need make use of its luxurious escape pods, outstanding warranty and redundant "crybaby" sos systems.


Luxury Liner Shetland$11,000NewcastleOrbital Spa and CruiseD5 (1k above plane)
Planet California Minor$11,000CaliforniaPlanetform, Inc.E6
Planet Erie$11,000PennsylvaniaLiberty Police, Inc.E4