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Nickname: dsy_junker_bomber
Price: $6,370,000 Credits
Ship Class: Super Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 24,600
Nanobots: 260
Shield Bats: 260

As the Junker presence has spread farther throughout Sirius, they have faced greater threats. Junker shipyards supplemented the venerable CSV with the Collector fighter but in the world of ever increasing ship power the need for a bomber able to inflict damage on larger vessels has come to the fore. What they got was the Recycler.

Designed and constructed at Vieques Shipyard in Puerto Rico, the Recycler utilizes readily available components from several criminal combat ships as well as some "borrowed" design elements from a well known Liberty light fighter. The result is a sustainable mass-produced ship that can be built and maintained with salvage and spare parts found at most Junker bases or common smuggling points. While lacking the power of a dedicated bomber many apologists maintain that the numerous hardpoints, salvage utility and cargospace justify its continued presence in the Junker fleet.


Tarancon Base$6,370,000Omicron MinorJunkersF5
Liner Brixton$6,370,000New LondonJunkersF6
Rochester Base$6,370,000New YorkJunkersC2