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Nickname: dsy_insurgent
Price: $3,550,000 Credits
Ship Class: Very Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 15,200
Nanobots: 78
Shield Bats: 78

A result of the XKR Project, the Insurgent Very Heavy Fighter is the multirole combat variant of the highly modular XKR-151-A "Partisan" Light Fighter. Modified to be a reliable and powerful combat vessel, the Insurgent completes its missions with ferocity and power.

As with all other ships of the XKR Series, the Insurgent is highly modular allowing any damaged parts to be replaced quickly and new ones to be integrated into the design with ease.


Carrier Alvin Katz$3,550,000Omega-47Coalition MilitaryE2 (3k above plane)
Zvezdny Gorodok$3,550,000Omega-52Coalition MilitaryD6