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Renzu Liner

Renzu Liner

Nickname: dsy_ind_liner
Price: $405,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Liner
Hitpoints: 190,000
Nanobots: 750
Shield Bats: 750

As man moved into the skies, those with means looked for conveyance commensurate with their wealth. So it was, so it is, so it will always be. The Shukensha liner is the personification of that ideal. Those with wealth will always seek to flaunt it, and there is no better example than the Shukensha. Built by Renzu to be the height of luxury, each ship is individually produced to the specific wishes of each client. The ultimate status symbol, these ships are beyond even the imagination of any but the most excessively wealthy. Of the few Shukenshas built, most have been ordered by the Interspace Neural Net Division, with a few being purchased by the Kusari government for their diplomatic corps.

The paramount example of refinement, the Shukensha is as large as a small city and twice as expensive. Costing more than most Cruiser class ships, the Shukensha boasts enough armor and firepower to dissuade even the most tenacious of aggressors, allowing its passengers and crew to arrive at their destination in the lap of luxury, and with a minimal amount of risk, even in the most unforgiving of places in Siruis.


Renzu Shipyards$405,000,000ShikokuInterspace CommerceF6