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Nickname: dsy_hoffnungsschimmer
Price: $145,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Gunboat
Hitpoints: 200,000
Nanobots: 600
Shield Bats: 600

The CV-Hoffnungsschimmer is a Corvo intitially constructed at Lividia Station in 817 AS under the name CV-Eclipse. Comissioned by OS&C, the ship was intended to serve as a more exclusive and more contained variant of the usual cruise liners that usually handled OS&C's prodigious array of offers in the region of luxury tours around Sirius. As such, it was equipped with the usual comfort that was and still is the trademark of the company up until this day. Another advantage that this vessel held was that its improved shielding and armor if compared to luxury liners made it an ideal choice for more long-lasting trips into the edges of space, for example the Omega regions — only for those with the connections and credits to pay for these efforts, of course.

During one of these underhanded trips to the Omega-9 system whose planetary accretion disks being immolated by the scorching heat of the sun were a rather popular view to behold for many, there was an incident with the life support systems, and the vessel promptly returned back to where it had started, with thankfully no losses. Still, the incident had diminished the vessel's overall worth, and it was thus stripped of its position and sold to a private interest on Curacao, which, all in all, had been a rather good deal for OS&C.

Bought by Ezrael Vertiga in the year 819 AS, it was first utilized as a means of personal movement whenever it became necessary to leave Curacao, which he did not do often. After all, why would one want to leave Eden? To not let it fall into disarray from underuse, the vessel quickly found itself turned into a 'stabbin' cabin', a place to host an array of sexual debaucheries that even some of the more loose establishments upon Curacao's already pretty lenient surface would have had their problems with.

With the death of his parents and the decision to leave for the Core, the vessel was taken with him, mostly staying near Yaren Base in Omicron Delta, which was not the optimal place for it to stay, Vertiga would think in hindsight, but there had been no major Corsair incidents during his time, although there could have been. During his stay with the Core, Vertiga met a woman by the name of Maren von Westefeld, a skittish girl he would sometimes run across while in Omicron Delta and the surrounding systems. Charming, a bit clumsy, and quite clever, the woman soon managed to conquer his heart, and due to her Rheinland origin, Vertiga renamed the Corvo to Hoffnungsschimmer, the Rheinland word for 'glimmer of hope', a gesture committed as a reminder that he would like to one day have a living with this woman. There was, however, the problem of the Core. Given their unwillingness to let their minions leave, Vertiga feigned his and his Core vessel's, the Apahanta's, disappearance in order to regain his freedom. Given that his own priorities lie more within the maintenance of the Apahanta and its crew from this point on, the Hoffnungsschimmer has since then more and more fallen into the responsibilities of Maren, who had started living on the ship shortly before Vertiga left the reach of the Core. Together with Nancy Sweetwater, an ex-Reaver, and Dr. Thallia Thorn, an Ingenuus xeno-archeologist, Vertiga and Maren live on this vessel up until this day.