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Havoc Mk II

Havoc Mk II

Nickname: dsy_havoc
Price: $6,180,000 Credits
Ship Class: Bomber
Hitpoints: 20,300
Nanobots: 110
Shield Bats: 110

Developed by Ageira with significant BMM participation, the Havoc Mk II is an advanced modification of the first "Havoc", bomber model that was popular in Liberty and Bretonia about 350 years ago. Mk II version features an advanced power array and increased agility compared to other modern bombers. While Ageira initially planned to sell the new Havoc only to Liberty Navy and Bretonia Armed Forces, company executives soon understood that this ship could make a lot of profit on alternative markets.


Destroyer Insidious$6,180,000KansasLane HackersC1 (-14k below plane)
Planet Denver$6,180,000ColoradoLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Thunder Bay Depot$6,180,000OntarioJunkersG3 (5k above plane)
Beckley Base$6,180,000VirginiaXenosC7
Akabat$6,180,000Omicron MuThe OrderG3