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Gammu AI Cruiser

Gammu AI Cruiser

Nickname: dsy_harvestercr
Price: $175,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Cruiser
Hitpoints: 265,000
Nanobots: 650
Shield Bats: 650

Within the inhumanly complex plating of this mysterious vessel pulses the life of a sentient machine. Cradled amidst miles of gossamer wiring a swirling maelstrom of electronic information is processed to form the mind, and control the body, of this delicate life as it seeks, and fights, to establish its own place amongst the stars.

With delicate sensory equipment ensconced within the vastly greater hardened shell, this frame has been primed to trespass far beyond the confines set by the limited maze of jump holes and gates crossing Sirius.


Planet Gammu$175,000,000Omicron KappaGammu Artificial IntelligenceB7
Secundus Outpost$175,000,000Omicron LostGammu Artificial IntelligenceA2