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GMG Gunship

GMG Gunship

Nickname: dsy_gmg_gb
Price: $32,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Gunship
Hitpoints: 120,000
Nanobots: 350
Shield Bats: 350

Developed in early 822 AS, with production beginning shortly before 823, the "Bishamon"-class gunship is designed to provide electronic warfare and fire support to maintain Guild superiority within the depths of the Crow Nebula.

While primarily a support ship fitted with the latest in Kishiro - and supposedly Order - sensor technology, the Bishamon's respectable armor rating, six standard turret mounts, and average maneuverability allow it to hold its own. With manufacturing in full swing, Bishamons are now often seen with the Guild's telltale flurry of Karasu fighters which guard the blue mists of the Crow.


Fujisawa Mining Facility$32,000,000OkinawaGas Miners GuildG4