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Nickname: dsy_gallofree
Price: $80,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Transport
Hitpoints: 60,000
Nanobots: 360
Shield Bats: 360

The venerable Kujira-class transport was designed with a construction philosophy based upon the conservation of scarce mineral resources, and was originally built in a more peaceful age for transporting refined H-Fuel to the four Houses.

This ultra-efficient transport vessel has received wide demand from modern day trading markets, where it is used by corporate fleets and entrepreneurs across Sirius, rewarding the GMG's new business partners, Kishiro, an acclaimed addition to their shipbuilding queues, and Samura with a sore spot in its portfolio.

Agile, compact, and containing one of the greatest cargo capacities in the Sirius sector within a deceptively sturdy hull, the vessel nevertheless comes at a price. Virtually all defensive capabilities have been sacrificed to enable the luxuries afforded by the vessel leaving it vulnerable to intercolonial piracy.


Planet Miura$80,000,000OkinawaGas Miners GuildD5