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Nickname: dsy_gaian_hf_02
Price: $1,400,000 Credits
Ship Class: Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 8,200
Nanobots: 55
Shield Bats: 55

Finding themselves increasingly squeezed by the heavy BAF presence in Leeds, hostile Mollys in Dublin and encroaching Gallians in Orkney, the Gaians locked their best engineers in a room and fed them only bread and water until they produced a new proprietary heavy fighter design. The Chameleon was designed with its main opponent, the Paladin, in mind, and succeeds at besting its agility, although not its armor rating. This suits the Gaian combat style just fine, since they prefer hit and run attacks over direct, sustained assaults.


Skye Base$1,400,000NewcastleGaiansD7
Atacama Base$1,400,000VespucciGaiansB7