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Nickname: dsy_gaian_hf
Price: $1,700,000 Credits
Ship Class: Very Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 12,200
Nanobots: 70
Shield Bats: 70

As the Gallic war raged in Bretonia, the working environment of the Gaians grew increasingly hostile. Armed Forces patrols increased in their frequency and aggressiveness, and soon the Gaians soon found themselves in need of a ship that could dish out as much damage as it could take. Begrudgingly, the original engineers of the Chameleon were again drafted to further revise the ship. Based on the original chassis of the Chameleon, the Anaconda sacrifices grace and efficiency for reinforced armor plating and an upscaled reactor. Some Gaian pilots have questioned the efficiency of the ship's design, but few have argued about its ability to take a hit and keep flying.


Skye Base$1,700,000NewcastleGaiansD7
Torshavn Space Port$1,700,000CambridgeGaiansF6
Atacama Base$1,700,000VespucciGaiansB7