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Nickname: dsy_ga_hf
Price: $2,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 8,900
Nanobots: 58
Shield Bats: 58

Built to the Royal Navy's standard of balancing power and speed to meet any and all threats on a level plain the JX-2, unveiled in 817 AS, represents the cutting edge of Gallic fighter technology.


Trafalgar Base$2,000,000New LondonGallic Royal NavyC3
Battleship Montmorency$2,000,000RoussillonGallic Royal NavyD5
Battleship Ambazac$2,000,000New LondonGallic Royal NavyD3
Beuvray$2,000,000New LondonNeutralD3 (1k above plane)
Battleship Rocroi$2,000,000BurgundyGallic Royal NavyG1
Battleship Epinal$2,000,000LorraineGallic Royal NavyC3
Battleship Montreuil$2,000,000Ile-de-FranceGallic Royal NavyF5
Battlecruiser Carillon$2,000,000DublinGallic Royal IntelligenceC3
Calais Research Facility$2,000,000PicardyGallic Royal IntelligenceB2
Battleship Venissieux$2,000,000Tau-53Gallic Royal NavyB2
Battleship Le Cendre$2,000,000New LondonGallic Royal NavyD3 (1k above plane)
Battlecruiser Sisteron$2,000,000ProvenceGallic Royal IntelligenceA3