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Zoner Q-ship

Zoner Q-ship

Nickname: dsy_fearless
Price: $153,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Destroyer
Hitpoints: 255,000
Nanobots: 600
Shield Bats: 600

The Fearless-class forms the basis of Zoner defensive deployments. Originally a medium transport hull, the ship's cargo bays were filled with improved power relays to support more sophisticated weaponry than that usually accessible to transports. Smaller and more maneuverable in comparison with other ships of the same class, the Fearless has enough firepower and hull strength to keep most opponents at bay. This ship can be seen in many different regions of Sirius, guarding freeports, or protecting Zoner convoys.


Livadia Shipyard$153,000,000Omicron KappaZoner GuardC1
Pueblo Bonito$153,000,000BaffinZoner GuardA2 (5k above plane)