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Nickname: dsy_fabomber
Price: $6,270,000 Credits
Ship Class: Bomber
Hitpoints: 15,200
Nanobots: 75
Shield Bats: 75

The Farmer's Mamoru or "Mama" bomber was designed by Samura for the Farmer's Alliance. Built at the small shipbuilding facility on Cape Soya Station, the Mama gives the Farmers a ship capable of quickly stripping transports shields while retaining enough agility to defend itself from hostile fighters. It's twin turret weapons setup is designed to give the Mama the ability protect it's blind spot with more firepower than other ships of the same class. The Mamoru is quickly developing a fearsome reputation amongst Synthfood pilots flying in Kusari and the Sigmas.


Cape Soya Station$6,270,000TottoriFarmers AllianceG4