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Nickname: dsy_e_vhf
Price: $1,240,000 Credits
Ship Class: Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 7,900
Nanobots: 44
Shield Bats: 44

Derived from the Chimaera heavy fighter deployed by the Kusari Naval Forces, of which the Exiles had been a part of for years, the 'Tora' (or 'Tiger' in English) is the new Symbol of hope for the exiled fleet. Forced to adapt to the harsh conditions of not having a proper Shipyard or maintenance, the Tora is basically a Chimaera that is more robust and less hard to maintain, while keeping the original models' strengths. The Tora is agile, has devastating firepower and serves as mainline fighter for a reason - colored in the new scheme of the Imperial throne, it has brought death to many of the Empires' foes and showed them that the sleeping giant is not something you want to wake.


Battleship Nagasaki$1,240,000HonshuKusari Naval ForcesD6
Battleship Yamaguchi$1,240,000HonshuKusari Naval ForcesF3 (2k above plane)
Battlecruiser Akatsuki$1,240,000OrkneyKempeitaiH6 (-7k below plane)