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Kusari Explorer

Kusari Explorer

Nickname: dsy_dragon_gb
Price: $39,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Gunboat
Hitpoints: 115,000
Nanobots: 370
Shield Bats: 370

The first ships of the Kusari Explorer line were built in 490 AS, a period when space exploration was considered very important for the House of Kusari, the Explorers were equipped to spend long months and even years charting distant star systems for possible resources to be exploited by the state.

The initial design was adopted by Samura, and through it, the Gas Miners Guild who found great use of the vessel in their continuing mission of charting the expanses of the Crow nebula to seek out new pockets of resources to feed Sirius' ever growing energy needs. The Explorers of modern times have been retrofitted with superior military grade hardware and shielding to ensure that the Guild's finds would not fall into the hands of claim jumpers. Additional modern Kishiro amenities and superior sensor packages have produced a vessel that is as comfortable as it is hardy; as such the Explorer has found a valuable after-market for Freelancers and wealthy Kusari alike seeking to find the next hidden jump hole, or luxuriate in its firepower, with a measure of comfort and security.


Yokohama Shipyard$39,000,000New TokyoSamura IndustriesE3