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Cuirassier Noir

Cuirassier Noir

Nickname: dsy_cuirassiernoir
Price: $1,760,000 Credits
Ship Class: Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 7,900
Nanobots: 52
Shield Bats: 52

Built upon the ethos and model of the Brigand Cuirassier, the Noir seeks to further pit the skills of her pilots against the guiles of fate. With an even greater amount of armor sacrificed in the pursuit of speed the Noir can transform the uninitiated pilot to a burning memory scattered amongst the debris fields in which they're conditioned, or a peerless blur of unrelenting firepower in the hands of a true master of space combat.


Montelimar Base$1,760,000DauphineUnione CorseC6
Monaco Base$1,760,000ProvenceUnione CorseG7