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Nickname: dsy_csv
Price: $162,500 Credits
Ship Class: Freighter
Hitpoints: 9,000
Nanobots: 70
Shield Bats: 70

The CSV slowly worked its way into contemporary use, not long after the official recognition of the emergence of the "Junker" population. The precursors of this vessel can be found in the myriad designs employed by individual Junker homebrewed designs found cruising about the inner system junk fields.

The pure economical genius of the craft found itself many admirers in the form of commercial engineering and space lifting companies, who quickly clamored for access to these vessels for their own purposes (much to the dismay of commercial vessel retailers).

Since then, the Junkers have made a tidy business issuing this small but hardy freighter for the use of the greater population of Sirius, though not without occasional "ingenious" refinements to plans and purpose that have been attributed to roughly 40% of all hair loss in official maintenance and design document producers.


Liner Brixton$162,500New LondonJunkersF6
Rochester Base$162,500New YorkJunkersC2