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Nickname: dsy_craider
Price: $1,730,000 Credits
Ship Class: Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 7,900
Nanobots: 46
Shield Bats: 46

An ancient testament to frugal ship design, the Marauder has been in production in one fashion or another for centuries. The simple design is unmatched in simplicity and maintenance, in many cases leaving environmental support to what the pilot can haul into his cockpit, in turn vastly increasing its demand amongst gearheads looking for a vessel which can be reliably tinkered without overwhelming fear of catastrophic failure. In fact, most 'standard' vessels of the class are simply hand downs which have undergone similar process.

One of the few true examples of a vessel that can reliably be purchased by virtually anyone with the credits in hand, the Marauder remains a rare, but not entirely uncommon, vessel to chance upon in the far reaches of space and tradelanes alike by pilots of all stripes.


Planet Gran Canaria$1,730,000Omega-49Bretonia PoliceE4
Newport Station$1,730,000Sigma-13FreelancersC5
Freeport 2$1,730,000BeringIndependent PiratesF5
Barrier Gate Station C$1,730,000CoronadoFreelancersB5
Cruiser Greifswald$1,730,000Omega-3GaiansB5 (2k above plane)