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Council Destroyer

Council Destroyer

Nickname: dsy_councildd
Price: $171,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Destroyer
Hitpoints: 270,000
Nanobots: 700
Shield Bats: 700

When it became clear to R&D at Calais just what the Crown had requested they provide in the form of the new Triumph destroyer, the few outspoken critics of the project were quickly silenced. Those who remained opposed to the idea of creating a weapon of mass destruction which could be turned against their own people had two options: collaborate, or resist in secret.

The few brave men and who chose the latter soon began feeding information to the Council, from conceptual design to earlier - and mostly failed - prototypes. The Council immediately recognized not only the danger of such a weapon, but its practicality as well. Gutting its underslung Warwolf array in favor of a massive hold and expanded quarters, the Council dubbed their new troop transport the Penance.

Capable of moving tremendous amounts of people on and off world and inserting them into hotspots too dangerous for conventional dropships to land, it is also a flexible and formidable destroyer. While lacking the heavy artillery carried by its sister frame, the Penance is more than capable of going toe to toe with any capital weapon in the Royal Navy's arsenal.

If the rumors are true and the Triumph's guns were to fill the skies of Gallia's worlds with fire, the Council's small but growing destroyer fleet will surely be ready to evacuate Gallia's border worlds should their worst nightmare ever become reality.


Perpignan Spaceport$171,000,000RoussillonThe CouncilD5
Chalons-en-Champagne Station$171,000,000ChampagneThe CouncilF5