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Nickname: dsy_council_freighter
Price: $1,915,000 Credits
Ship Class: Freighter
Hitpoints: 23,500
Nanobots: 125
Shield Bats: 125

The logistics wing of the Council, forever pressed to maintain shifting lines of supply to battlefield and firebase alike, found itself in the position of maintaining a freighter fleet rapidly succumbing to shortages of required parts and combat stress. To replace dependency upon a line of ships manufactured by the now enemy, the Tarvos was fashioned from an archaic Maquis design rooted in simplicity and ease of maintenance. Modern technological appointments and armaments have crafted a simple, yet effective, vessel.


Limoux Base$1,915,000LanguedocThe MaquisD6
Grenoble Depot$1,915,000DauphineThe MaquisD3
Reims Station$1,915,000ChampagneThe CouncilC5
Battleship Chaumont$1,915,000ChampagneThe CouncilH4
Battleship De Grasse$1,915,000OrkneyThe CouncilA5 (8k above plane)