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Nickname: dsy_coa_hf
Price: $985,000 Credits
Ship Class: Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 10,500
Nanobots: 54
Shield Bats: 54

A newer result of the XKR Project, the Saboteur is the spawn of a brutal realization that heavy isn?t always better. In the wake of the beginning of the Gallic war, the Insurgent being placed in battle against ships much faster than anything the scientists on Mykolaiv have ever dreamed of her fighting and the partisan just being completely outclassed in damage potential, the Coalition went back to the drawing board with all the modular parts and a Partisan in hand. The result was the XKR-151-D ?Saboteur? Coalition Heavy Fighter - testament to what happens when whither firepower meets lightning fast responsiveness.


Kamchatka Station$985,000Omega-55Coalition MilitaryD7
Zhukovsky Station$985,000Omega-52CoalitionF5
Darmstadt Depot$985,000StuttgartCoalition MilitaryG4