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Core Destroyer

Core Destroyer

Nickname: dsy_ccrv
Price: $155,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Destroyer
Hitpoints: 265,000
Nanobots: 675
Shield Bats: 675

When the Core started to operate in Nomad space, they encountered unexpected hardships - even the most advanced Hammerheads were unable to survive in hostile environment. Because of the enormous potential profits, they invested into developing a new Destroyer-class ship that was later prototyped at Liberty military shipyards. With their new destroyers, the Core felt much more confident among their Nomad, Corsair and Order enemies, being able to hunt Nomads and even fulfil bounty contracts against the Corsairs in the most remote parts of known space. These destroyers are now constructed by the Core at a secure facility in the Omicrons.


Alabama Shipyard$155,000,000Omicron RhoThe CoreC5