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Nickname: dsy_camara
Price: $1,812,000 Credits
Ship Class: Freighter
Hitpoints: 22,000
Nanobots: 115
Shield Bats: 115

Built by Deep Space Engineering as an answer to moving goods through trouble, the Camara is a wonderful little transport of its own design. The ship has a generous cargo hold, and a rather unique shape for simply slipping through asteroids or whatever else might be in the way.

The Camara was originally a DSE exclusive, but the popularity of the model found it in strong demand by independent contractors across the colonies where the model found strong appreciation in Rheinland. It has several unique features, such as the center line of turrets to provide maximum coverage on almost all sides. It helps that there are six of them as well, along with a generous power-plant and decent armor. Another feature is the quick loading and unloading pods for quick exchanges with orbiting supply depots.


Planet Pittsburgh$1,812,000New YorkDeep Space EngineeringF2