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Zoner Carrier

Zoner Carrier

Nickname: dsy_bsg
Price: $415,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Carrier
Hitpoints: 1,800,000
Nanobots: 0
Shield Bats: 1,600

Designed to explore the vast reaches of space beyond the last starbases and outposts, the Aquilon carrier is a large capital ship with modest defensive capabilities. It features a large bay that can house many smaller exploration ships, as well as some defensive fighters.

A true Carrier ship, it does not have martial prowess of other capital ships of its size. The Aquilon is most effective when supporting friendly fighters from a distance.


Livadia Shipyard$415,000,000Omicron KappaZoner GuardC1
Pueblo Bonito$415,000,000BaffinZoner GuardA2 (5k above plane)