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Nickname: dsy_broadsword
Price: $7,275,000 Credits
Ship Class: Bomber
Hitpoints: 21,500
Nanobots: 110
Shield Bats: 110

While technically the second ship of the HFX line, the Broadsword class is in all actuality a pair of cunningly designed self contained power generators developed for modular mounting upon the light frame of the Falchion. Whereas lesser bomber designs require the development of entirely new frames, which results in even more time and resources spent on R&D, the Broadsword pods contain sympathetic thrust and attitude mechanisms that respond in time with the movements of her mother ship and provide excessive power which is used to support bomber class weaponry.

This next-generation ship is finetuned for frantic combat situations and high-speed strikes against all opposition a pilot might face on the battlefield, a role in which it excels more than the venerable "Falcata" Bomber. Similar to the Falchion however, the Broadsword class has retained a large part of the very sensitive internal components and is even more costly to maintain. Aside from those costs, a further turn-off might be the very limited cargo hold, which makes this ship even less attractive to all kinds of freelance pirates. Nevertheless, if there's a target that needs a good dose of "shotgun diplomacy," the Broadsword is a fine choice.


Leiden Base$7,275,000GalileoLane HackersB2
Heisenberg Research Station$7,275,000CologneFreelancersE7
Alexandria Research Station$7,275,000Omicron EpsilonThe OrderH5 (-3k below plane)