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Bretonia Train

Bretonia Train

Nickname: dsy_bretsupertransport
Price: $150,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Super Train
Hitpoints: 130,000
Nanobots: 350
Shield Bats: 350

Dissatisfied with the war time performance of conventional civilian transports for the movement of truly vast stores of cargoes required to maintain Bretonian efforts in the Taus, shipbuilders at Scarborough Station designed this transport to better survive Kusari raiders, and parasitic unlawfuls in the Omegas.

The realities of a true theater of war making a laughingstock of a conventional transport armaments, the Shetland instead is designed to ferry her load under thick slabs of armor, designed to absorb the pinpricks of her adversaries with impunity.


Scarborough Station$150,000,000NewcastleBorder World ExportsC3
Caernarfon Station$150,000,000PooleGateway ShippingG5
Planet Sprague$150,000,000Omega-3Bretonia PoliceD6