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Nickname: dsy_br_elite2
Price: $1,895,000 Credits
Ship Class: Very Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 14,000
Nanobots: 76
Shield Bats: 76

Heavily modified version of the Crusader, named the Templar, is the latest addition to Bretonia Armed Forces. Very heavy fighters of this type are built in an effort to stop Corsair expansion into Bretonia space. Armor capacity of this ship is rumored to be superior to any other very heavy fighter in Sirius, however, just like Corsairs' Titan, it lacks maneuverability.


Battleship Suffolk$1,895,000New LondonBretonia Armed ForcesD6
Battleship Norfolk$1,895,000CambridgeBretonia Armed ForcesF5
Battleship Essex$1,895,000New LondonBretonia Armed ForcesD6
Battleship Stirling$1,895,000Omega-49Bretonia Armed ForcesE4 (4k above plane)
Battleship Harlow$1,895,000ManchesterBretonia Armed ForcesB4
Bottrop Depot$1,895,000DrakeWildD5 (3k above plane)
Dunedin Station$1,895,000InvernessBretonia Intelligence ServiceB2