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Nickname: dsy_bhbomb
Price: $6,050,000 Credits
Ship Class: Bomber
Hitpoints: 17,200
Nanobots: 85
Shield Bats: 85

More and more pirate groups in Sirius gain access to capital ships. To counter them, the Bounty Hunters developed a new bomber series. The Moray is a powerful and agile ship capable of mounting more anti-fighter weaponry than its counterparts. Reinforced hull, increased power output, and double torpedo slots add to the value of this ship, making it a formidable opponent against larger targets.


Sheffield Station$6,050,000ManchesterBounty Hunters GuildF4
Tholey Station$6,050,000CologneBounty Hunters GuildC5
Manitoba Station$6,050,000HudsonBounty Hunters GuildC4 (2k above plane)