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Nickname: dsy_bdbomb
Price: $5,840,000 Credits
Ship Class: Bomber
Hitpoints: 16,000
Nanobots: 85
Shield Bats: 85

Bearing only a vague resemblance to the original craft that grandfathered itself and its counterpart, the Umibozu, each Nodachi is the product of years of research and engineering secrets put in practice. While the current model favors maneuverability and deftness of control over sluggish fortitude, the B69-R has been refined and refitted time and again to meet the styles, thoughts and will of its pilot so this craft provides a stunning and unearthly show of martial prowess upon the battlefield.

The blueprints of this craft have been kept in great secrecy by the various generations of Blood Dragon engineers in the past 500 years, giving every warrior the chance to counter the current Naval Forces war machine. Only the most trusted people who weren't directly related to the Blood Dragons have been gifted with such vessels.


Battleship Kokura$5,840,000NaganoBlood DragonsG3 (-6k below plane)
Kyoto Base$5,840,000ChugokuBlood DragonsD4
Ryuku Base$5,840,000TohokuBlood DragonsC5