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Nickname: dsy_bayonet
Price: $1,355,000 Credits
Ship Class: Heavy Fighter
Hitpoints: 8,100
Nanobots: 51
Shield Bats: 51

The Bayonet, as it has come to be known, was in development for almost two decades. Blending traditional Border Worlds ship technologies with state of the art systems designed in collaboration with Lane Hacker technicians, it brings an exquisite mixture of firepower, armor and speed to the battlefield.

The vessel's oversized heatsinks play host to a dizzying array of sensitive electronic surveying and splicing equipment, allowing it to maintain the role of a dedicated intelligence gatherer while its more combat orientated brethren dominate the battlefield.


Destroyer Insidious$1,355,000KansasLane HackersC1 (-14k below plane)
Ames Research Station$1,355,000KeplerZonersD4
Heisenberg Research Station$1,355,000CologneFreelancersE7
Alexandria Research Station$1,355,000Omicron EpsilonThe OrderH5 (-3k below plane)