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Crayter Carrier

Crayter Carrier

Nickname: dsy_battlestar
Price: $405,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Battleship
Hitpoints: 1,700,000
Nanobots: 0
Shield Bats: 1,550

While the original Zephyr was outmatched by Outcast and Gallic capital ships, the Crayter Military quickly realised it did not have the resources to construct the newly designed Kronos class ships in sufficient numbers. Opting for flexibility over brute force, Crayter engineers set out to overhaul the obsolete Zephyr Carrier design, to turn it into a heavy support ship that relied on the successful Thanatos cruiser and the proven Nyx and Pytho strikecraft to deliver the punch.

The Zephyr Mk II visually looks much the same as the Mk I, but has undergone some radical changes underneath the hull plating. Reinforced bulkheads on known weakspots grant the ship increased durability. An improved reactor core provides enough power while being both more fuel efficient and smaller, freeing up room on the engineering deck for additional docking bays. A large number of defensive turrets dot the hull, providing good allround coverage against a wide range of enemies.


Sabah Shipyard$405,000,000CoronadoCrayter RepublicD2