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ALG Transport

ALG Transport

Nickname: dsy_algmover
Price: $125,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Super Train
Hitpoints: 112,000
Nanobots: 480
Shield Bats: 480

In pace with the technological marvels of man are the volatility of the waste he produces. The more opulent the trim, the more overwhelming the engine, the more destructive is the path that led there. Incorporating extensive rad shielding and magnetic storage units not seen outside of heavy capital class engine reactors, these highly specialized vessels are hardened to withstand the toxic nature of the cargo they move.

The technologies employed by the Golem have led to its classification as a resticted vessel. Very few are seen outside of the ranks of ALG and never without permission.


Dortmund Station$125,000,000New BerlinALG Waste DisposalD3