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Corsair Gunboat

Corsair Gunboat

Nickname: dsy_action6
Price: $38,000,000 Credits
Ship Class: Gunboat
Hitpoints: 125,000
Nanobots: 380
Shield Bats: 380

The latest incarnation of the Corsair Gunboat, replacing the venerable but out-of-date M26 'Lunchbox'. While the older M26 was fearsome in combat, its heavy transport origin brought many major flaws. The designers of this gunboat sought to alleviate many of these problems, such as its large size and medium armor, which made it cumbersome in combat. Though it has less frontal firepower than its older M26 brother, the M42 boasts more armour, a strong power supply, reduced size and a frame built to for ease of construction and maintenance.


Antikythera Shipyard$38,000,000???CorsairsG2
Tripoli Shipyard$38,000,000Omicron GammaCorsairsD6