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Gallic Royal Navy


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The Army of Gallia was founded in 1 AGS, only a year and a half after the Gallic Sleeper Ship landed on New Paris. The first Army detachments were to help the Police to keep law and order within a diverse community of several thousand settlers. It took some time for Gallic settlers to make use of the space travelling technologies that they brought with the sleeper ship. Only in 31 AGS, the first space detachment of the Army was formed, containing six fighters that were all brought from Earth. Within the next forty years, Gallia built its own ship production facilities, and in 76 AGS the Gallic Royal Navy, or GRN, became a separate branch of the military. At first, it was tasked to assist exploration of the systems surrounding Ile-de-France. Potential alien presence could pose a threat to the new nation, and the Royal Navy was to show that Gallia was prepared to counter an attack from space. It was not until about 200 AGS when the Alliance revenge concept was formulated by Gallic monarchs, and at about the same time the Navy had an actual enemy to fight in space: the pirates. The first space criminal groups arose, taking unwary civilian pilots completely off-guard since they did not expect any danger from other human-piloted ships. GRN was the first force tasked to counter the threat while the Royal Police space division was formed under the Navy's supervision.

Since about 210 AGS, a new strategy that involved heavy investments into capital ship construction was adopted. This was the first step in the long-term plan to build up Gallia's might and counter the Sirius nations. In 269 AGS, the first Gallic battleship by the name of Majestueux was commissioned for Naval service. Rambouilette and later Fourchambault shipyards constructed the bulk of the Royal fleet of capital ships. Apart from fighting the pirates, the Navy had to fight two large-scale wars within Gallia, named the First Gallic War and the Second Gallic War (names were established after the second one broke out in 714 AGS). Stolen, captured or defected ships of the Navy formed the bulk of the enemy fleet in both of those wars. Experience received in the First Gallic War was invaluable to build up the Navy to its modern state, and the Second Gallic War, despite the losses, helped to train numerous capable officers who now lead the Gallic fleets into Sirius.

In 572 AGS, Gallic scouts first met other Sirius colonists in Omicron Malta, and in 588 AGS a Bretonian fighter pilot was captured in Tau-31. Since then, Gallic Royal Navy was specifically tasked to become an unstoppable invasion force. New types of weapons and ships were developed using the new information that the Junkers collected within different Sirius Houses. To delay the offensive and buy enough time to prepare it, Gallia isolated itself from the rest of Sirius. Even though the isolation was prematurely breached by the Council in 733 AGS, the current Navy by far outnumbers each military power of the Houses of Sirius.

In addition to fighting wars, the Navy plays a prominent role in the political and social life of Gallia. Navy officers are known to be some of the most zealous conservatives who support the monarchy. Yet, the discovery of Sirius colonies that made the future war almost inevitable split the Navy into two opposing groups, with the minority supporting anti-isolationists. In 640-670 AGS, many of them chose to defect in order not to support the militaristic policy of the Crown. They were the ones who helped the Council to steal and capture the first warships of the Council fleet. Despite those circumstances, the Navy retains the reputation of a honorable organization that was never subject to corruption accusations and never refused, directly or indirectly, to obey the orders of the monarch. The Navy is fully faithful to the old French Navy motto: Honneur, Patrie, Valeur, Discipline (Honour, Fatherland, Valour, Discipline).

Faction Relations

Bretonia Armed Forces-0.65
Bretonia Armed Forces Guard-0.65
Bretonia Police-0.65
ALG Waste Disposal0
Border World Exports-0.65
Cryer Pharmaceuticals0
Interspace Commerce-0.3
Daumann Heavy Construction0
Kishiro Technologies0
Deep Space Engineering0
Synth Foods, Inc.0
Gateway Shipping-0.65
Orbital Spa and Cruise0
Republican Shipping0
Samura Industries0
Universal Shipping0
Planetform, Inc.0
Ageira Technologies0
The Admins0
Gammu Artificial Intelligence0
Blood Dragons0
Blood Dragon Guard0
Gallic Brigands-0.65
Corsair Guard0
Unione Corse-0.3
Farmers Alliance0
Independent Pirates0
Golden Chrysanthemums0
Golden Chrysanthemums Guard0
Liberty Separatists0
Junker Guard0
Coalition Military-0.65
Lane Hackers0
Lane Hacker Guard0
Hellfire Legion-0.65
Liberty Rogues0
Liberty Rogue Guard0
LWB Guard0
Molly Guard-0.65
The Maquis-0.65
Nomad Guardians-0.65
The Order0
Order Guard0
Outcast Guard-0.65
Bretonia Intelligence Service-0.65
Bretonian Privateers-0.65
Imperial Kusari Navy-0.65
Red Hessians-0.65
Red Hessian Guard-0.65
Crayter Republic-0.65
Unioner Guard0
The Council-0.65
EFL Oil & Machinery0.65
Gallic Metal Service0.3
IDF Shipping0.65
Gallic Royal Intelligence0
Gallic Royal Navy0.91
Gallic Royal Police0.65
The Commonwealth0.3
Bounty Hunters Guild0
The Core0
Gas Miners Guild0
Gas Miners Guild Guard0
Independent Miners Guild0
IMG (Gallic Occupation)0
Zoner Guard0
Kusari Naval Forces-0.3
Kusari Naval Forces Guard-0.3
Kusari State Police-0.3
Kusari Police Guard-0.3
Liberty Security Force-0.65
Liberty Navy-0.65
Liberty Navy Guard-0.65
Liberty Police, Inc.-0.65
Liberty Police Inc. Guard-0.65
Kruger Minerals0
Rheinland Military0
Rheinland Military Guard0
Rheinland Police0