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The Maquis


The Council, Unione Corse, Gallic Brigands


Gallic Royal Navy, Gallic Royal Police, Gallic corporations, Gallic Junkers

The Maquis are the distant successors of the radical groups that existed within the Gallic Liberation Movement since about 624 AGS. They considered peaceful parliamentary debates to be fruitless and disgraceful, considering terrorist acts and assassinations to be acceptable means of political struggle. After the Movement was disbanded in 636 AGS, the radicals gained many more followers. In 645, they joined the newly formed Council, but kept their distance from the rest of the faction. By that time, they were already referring to themselves as "Maquis", had organized several successful political assassinations, and came into contact with large criminal unions like Unione Corse. In 656-658 AGS, the Maquis orchestrated a series of massive explosions that killed over two thousand civilians in the cities of New Paris, Orleanais and Bourges. This harmed the Council's reputation so much that all Maquis were expelled from their home faction and had to seek new bases of operation, although the two groups did not become enemies as many expected at that time. The Maquis were prepared to start on their own, gradually evolving into a sophisticated group of politically-inclined pragmatics and fortune seekers.

For a period of time between 660 AGS and 710 AGS, the Maquis focused on piracy, contraband, and dealing drugs much more than on political terrorism. They established strong ties with the Corse and, to a lesser extent, other pirate factions. They accumulated large capital that they used for building ships and bases in various regions of Gallia. Generally, even the low-ranking Maquis are quite wealthy compared to members of other pirate groups. Towards the Second Gallic War, the Maquis were an organized and highly motivated force that was able to assist the Council in many notable events of the war. Unlike Brigands, the Maquis pilots fought the Navy fearlessly alongside the Council ships, and usually operated under the same command as the Council ships. The Maquis also returned to their terrorist activities on Gallic stations and planets, but all their attacks were targeting military and corporate targets. They no longer attempt to attack civilian targets and avoid civilian casualties, concentrating the attacks on off-world facilities and ships.

Like the Council, Maquis do not have a base that can be considered their headquarters. Locations of the Maquis leaders are mostly unknown, but most of them are rumored to be residing on Planet Marne and at Chambery.

Faction Relations

Bretonia Armed Forces0
Bretonia Armed Forces Guard0
Bretonia Police0
ALG Waste Disposal-0.65
Border World Exports-0.3
Cryer Pharmaceuticals-0.65
Interspace Commerce-0.3
Daumann Heavy Construction-0.3
Kishiro Technologies-0.65
Deep Space Engineering-0.3
Synth Foods, Inc.-0.65
Gateway Shipping-0.3
Orbital Spa and Cruise-0.3
Republican Shipping-0.65
Samura Industries-0.65
Universal Shipping-0.3
Planetform, Inc.-0.65
Ageira Technologies-0.65
The Admins0
Gammu Artificial Intelligence0
Blood Dragons0
Blood Dragon Guard0
Gallic Brigands0
Corsair Guard0
Unione Corse0
Farmers Alliance0
Independent Pirates0
Golden Chrysanthemums0
Golden Chrysanthemums Guard0
Liberty Separatists0
Junker Guard0
Coalition Military0
Lane Hackers0
Lane Hacker Guard0
Hellfire Legion0
Liberty Rogues0
Liberty Rogue Guard0
LWB Guard0
Molly Guard0
The Maquis0.91
Nomad Guardians-0.65
The Order0
Order Guard0
Outcast Guard-0.65
Bretonia Intelligence Service0
Bretonian Privateers0
Imperial Kusari Navy0
Red Hessians0
Red Hessian Guard0
Crayter Republic0
Unioner Guard0
The Council0.65
EFL Oil & Machinery-0.65
Gallic Metal Service-0.65
IDF Shipping-0.65
Gallic Royal Intelligence-0.65
Gallic Royal Navy-0.65
Gallic Royal Police-0.65
The Commonwealth-0.65
Bounty Hunters Guild-0.3
The Core-0.65
Gas Miners Guild-0.65
Gas Miners Guild Guard-0.65
Independent Miners Guild0
IMG (Gallic Occupation)0
Zoner Guard0
Kusari Naval Forces-0.65
Kusari Naval Forces Guard-0.65
Kusari State Police-0.65
Kusari Police Guard-0.65
Liberty Security Force-0.3
Liberty Navy-0.3
Liberty Navy Guard-0.3
Liberty Police, Inc.-0.3
Liberty Police Inc. Guard-0.3
Kruger Minerals-0.3
Rheinland Military-0.65
Rheinland Military Guard-0.65
Rheinland Police-0.65