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Bretonia Armed Forces Armed Forces
Bretonia Armed Forces Guard Armed Forces
Bretonia Police Police
ALG Waste Disposal ALG
Border World Exports Bowex
Cryer Pharmaceuticals Cryer
Interspace Commerce Interspace
Daumann Heavy Construction Daumann
Kishiro Technologies Kishiro
Deep Space Engineering DSE
Synth Foods, Inc. Synth Foods
Gateway Shipping Gateway
Orbital Spa and Cruise Spa and Cruise
Republican Shipping Republican
Samura Industries Samura
Universal Shipping Universal
Planetform, Inc. Planetform
Ageira Technologies Ageira
The Admins Game Master
Gammu Artificial Intelligence Gammu AI
Bundschuh Bundschuh
Coalition Coalition
Blood Dragons Dragons
Blood Dragon Guard Dragons
Gallic Brigands Brigands
Corsairs Corsairs
Corsair Guard Corsairs
Unione Corse Corse
Fugitive Fugitive
Farmers Alliance Alliance
Kempeitai Kempeitai
Freelancers Freelancer
Gaians Gaians
Golden Chrysanthemums GC
Golden Chrysanthemums Guard GC
Hogosha Hogosha
Liberty Separatists Separatists
Junkers Junkers
Junker Guard Junkers
Coalition Military Coalition Military
Lane Hackers Hackers
Lane Hacker Guard Hackers
Hellfire Legion Legion
Liberty Rogues Rogues
Liberty Rogue Guard Rogues
Mollys Mollys
Molly Guard Mollys
The Maquis Maquis
Nomads Nomads
Nomad Guardians Nomads
Neutral Neutral
The Order Order
Order Guard Order
Outcasts Outcasts
Outcast Guard Outcasts
Bretonia Intelligence Service BIS
Bretonian Privateers Privateers
Independent Pirates Pirate
Imperial Kusari Navy Imperial Navy
Red Hessians Hessians
Red Hessian Guard Hessians
Crayter Republic Crayter Republic
Unioners Unioners
Unioner Guard Unioners
Wild Wild
Xenos Xenos
Auxesia Auxesia
The Council Council
EFL Oil & Machinery EFL
Gallic Metal Service GMS
IDF Shipping IDF
Gallic Royal Intelligence GRI
Gallic Royal Navy Royal Navy
Gallic Royal Police Royal Police
The Commonwealth Commonwealth
Bounty Hunters Guild Bounty Hunters
The Core Core
Gas Miners Guild GMG
Gas Miners Guild Guard GMG
Independent Miners Guild IMG
IMG (Gallic Occupation) IMG
Zoners Zoners
Zoner Guard Zoners
Kusari Naval Forces Naval Forces
Kusari Naval Forces Guard Naval Forces
Kusari State Police Police
Kusari Police Guard Police
Liberty Security Force LSF
Liberty Navy Navy
Liberty Navy Guard Navy
Liberty Police, Inc. Police
Liberty Police Inc. Guard Police
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pf_03_grp IFF PF03
pf_04_grp IFF PF04
pf_05_grp IFF PF05
pf_07_grp IFF PF07
pf_08_grp IFF PF08
pf_09_grp IFF PF09
pf_10_grp IFF PF10
Kruger Minerals Kruger
Rheinland Military Military
Rheinland Military Guard Military
Rheinland Police Police