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CLASSIFIED: Intel Data on Nearby Systems

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Montpellier Guard Station -- 731 AGS -- This report is based on the data collected by Y, as well as Navy's own probes sent through the mine fields. Be advised that it was last updated in 731 AGS. Since then, the situation might have changed, but no potential for rapid developments has been indicated.

Gallia name: ROUSSILLION, Bretonia name: ORKNEY

The system remains desolate, with one small IMG base in one of the asteroid fields. IMG (Independent Mining Guild or Independent Miners Guild) presence is significant near the base, but its population is low, and, according to intel data gathered on the faction, is expected to grow very slowly or even decline in the next years. Most of the asteroid field remains completely unexplored. IMG ships do not venture far from the base.

No ships ventured near the mine field during the observation period (19 days). Presence of the mine field is known to IMG, but they are not aware of its artificial nature.

There is an Outcast presence in the system, but Outcast patrols are rare and sporadic. Ships of a group known as Gaians has been spotted several times. There is no indication that Gaians have established presence in this system.

Gallia name: BERNE, Zoners/Outcasts name: Omicron Tau

The system still contains an Outcast base with low population. Outcast patrols are present in the area, Outcasts patrol large portions of the system, including areas in the vicinity of the mine field. Suspicious activity of Outcasts near the mine field has not been confirmed. 27 days of observation did not show any particular interest of Outcast ships towards the mine field.

However, presence of the patrols makes it increasingly difficult for (...) to collect data on the Outcasts. Quality of the intel on this group is insufficient. Y demands more money and resources to collect more information. The command has approved 12 percent increase of expenses for this operation, despite the fact that Y refuses to agree that it is enough. Negotiations on this matter continue.

-- report for the Gallic Royal Navy Central Command in New Paris, December 14, 731 AGS


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