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Slavery is not widespread in Sirius, but slave labour is still used by certain factions that cannot afford using robots to carry out dangerous and hard tasks. Along with strong men, women and children are also valued on the slave black market. It is no secret that many pirate bases lack female population, and their inhabitants cannot create families and raise children to bring up new generations of pilots and technicians. Many slaves were previously poor and unemployed House citizens sold into slavery by deceit, and over time they usually integrate into new environments, gain trust from fellow pirates and finally win their freedom. Carrying slaves in cargo hold is considered a severe crime in all Sirius houses.


Fort Albi$1,000OrkneyGallic Royal NavyC6 (-5k below plane)
Merthyr Tydfil Mining Station$4,069PoolePlanetform, Inc.G2
Atka Research Station$3,505Sigma-17Cryer PharmaceuticalsC3
Cali Base$3,070Tau-23OutcastsF4
Freeport 6$2,900Tau-29ZonersD6
Durban Station$4,079Omicron RhoThe CoreF7
Alabama Shipyard$5,148Omicron RhoThe CoreC5
Falkland Base$3,272Tau-37Independent Miners GuildC6
Freeport 9$3,979Omicron ThetaZonersE4
Zhukovsky Station$3,892Omega-52CoalitionF5
Narbonne Base$4,490LanguedocGallic BrigandsE3
Limoux Base$1,000LanguedocThe MaquisD6
Grenoble Depot$1,000DauphineThe MaquisD3
Mazagran Depot$1,000ChampagneThe MaquisD3
Epernay Station$3,887ChampagneGallic BrigandsB2
Verdun Base$1,000LorraineThe MaquisB4
Luneville Guard Station$1,000LorraineGallic Royal NavyD2
Avon Hideout$1,000Ile-de-FranceThe MaquisG6
Salbris Base$5,671OrleanaisGallic BrigandsG4
Boulogne Base$7,071PicardyGallic BrigandsB6
Fort Etaples$1,000PicardyGallic Royal NavyB2
Eplessier Depot$1,000PicardyThe MaquisD7
Liner Brixton$2,777New LondonJunkersF6
Pelussin Base$3,731LorraineGallic BrigandsF6
New Tours Watch Station$1,000Tau-31Gallic Royal NavyE6
Planet Pittsburgh, Xeno Hideout$529New YorkXenosF2
Frejus Base$4,640ProvenceGallic BrigandsF1
Chambery Base$1,000BurgundyThe MaquisE1 (5k above plane)
Planet Malta$5,306Omicron AlphaOutcastsD5
Leiden Base$1,861GalileoLane HackersB2
Planet Miura$3,060OkinawaGas Miners GuildD5
Planet Pittsburgh$529New YorkDeep Space EngineeringF2
Buffalo Base$734New YorkLiberty RoguesE7
Beaumont Base$1,144TexasJunkersD3
Allentown Base$980PennsylvaniaJunkersC5
Niverton Base$1,051PennsylvaniaLiberty RoguesC4
Nauru$5,733Omicron DeltaThe CoreF6
Kaiserslautern Depot$3,765New BerlinBundschuhC6
Planet Stuttgart$3,834StuttgartRheinland PoliceE3
Leipzig Station$4,374DresdenRed HessiansC6
Bautzen Station$3,951DresdenBundschuhF4
Vogtland Base$3,969DresdenRed HessiansD3
Planet Nuremberg$5,047MunichRheinland PoliceG2