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Discovery RP 24/7 Server Rules

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This is a brief summary of Discovery Freelancer RP 24/7 official server rules that contain the most important regulations related to PvP, ID usage and role-playing (October 2013 revision). Please read complete and up-to-date server rules at www.discoverygc.com. If you are not playing on the Discovery 24/7 RP server, you must refer to your server's rules instead of the rules listed below.

Discovery RP 24/7 is a role-playing server. This means you are expected to behave and communicate like the pilot of your ship, and refrain from using any emoticons, leet terms and Out of Roleplay (OoRP) form of speech in system or local chat.

Communication between players is essential for gameplay, and you are not recommended to play without decent knowledge of English. Using coarse language, posting abusive, hateful, racist content in chat, public or private is prohibited under any circumstances. Threats and insults are only allowed on the server if used within roleplay.

Names of characters must be pronounceable, free of special symbols (except faction tags), emoticons and leet terms. Do not overuse numbers and capital letters.

Since Discovery is a role-playing server, all PvP engagements should be reasonable in terms of RP. The ID of the victim must be scanned prior to attack. ID status has a priority over red/white/green color on HUD.

Attacking characters of level 29 and below which use Recruit ID is prohibited. For exceptions to this, refer to the complete version of the server rules.

A player who was killed in a PvP fight is not allowed to re-engage using any of his/her characters within 2 hours. Characters of a player who was killed in a PvP fight must not return into the system where the fight took place within 2 hours. Fleeing from combat by docking on a station or planet while still within the scanner range of hostile vessels counts as PvP death.

Aggressors are not allowed to destroy a trade vessel prior to issuing a demand in system or local chat, and allowing sufficient time to respond. "Halt" is not a demand, however, a trade vessel may be destroy if they refuse to stop after being asked to in form of a proper demand.

For purposes of the server rules:

- All light fighters, heavy fighters, very heavy fighters, super heavy fighters, and bombers are considered fighters

Cargo ships with cargo hold less than 750 units are considered freighters

- Cargo ships with cargo hold more than 750 units, including liners, are considered transports

- Gunboats, cruisers (including destroyers and battlecruisers), battleships (including carriers) are considered capital ships.

Cheating, hacking attempts, and abusive or insulting behavior toward other players is not tolerated.


Planet New London$100New LondonBretonia PoliceD6
Planet Malta$100Omicron AlphaOutcastsD5
Planet Crete$100Omicron GammaCorsairsE5
Police Prison Station$100BastilleNeutralD4
Navy Prison Station$100BastilleNeutralD4
Guard Station$100BastilleThe AdminsH8
Planet New Tokyo$100New TokyoKusari State PoliceD6
Planet Manhattan$100New YorkLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Planet New Berlin$100New BerlinRheinland PoliceF5
Dur-Shurrikun$100Omicron IotaNomadsF6 (1k above plane)