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Scrap Metal

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The rapid industrialization that followed the settlement of the Sirius Sector has resulted in large fields of Scrap Metal, the detritus resulting from extensive manufacturing and mining operations. These debris fields present both a navigational hazard and a potential second-stage resource, so a small cottage industry has sprung up among those who collect scrap metal and resell it at smelting plants.


Invergordon Space Port$4,141InvernessJunkersE2
Tarancon Base$5Omicron MinorJunkersF5
Alcara Shipping Depot$2,434Omicron TauJunkersG3 (-9k below plane)
Foster Base$3,477KeplerJunkersF3 (1k above plane)
Rochester Base$3,968New YorkJunkersC2
Beaumont Base$3,539TexasJunkersD3
Allentown Base$4,459PennsylvaniaJunkersC5
Thunder Bay Depot$4,181OntarioJunkersG3 (5k above plane)
Culebra Smelter$3,466Puerto RicoJunkersC3 (-21k below plane)
Vieques Shipyard$3,279Puerto RicoJunkersC7 (10k above plane)
Kreuzberg Depot$2,370New BerlinJunkersC4