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Rheinland Military Pilot

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Attention! Every pilot who finds an eject pod of a navy ship must tractor it and bring to the nearest police or military base. Pilots who refuse to give out navy pilots when scanned will be treated as criminals.


Planet Malta$15,000Omicron AlphaOutcastsD5
Planet Crete$15,000Omicron GammaCorsairsE5
Planet Curacao$10,000CortezOrbital Spa and CruiseD3
Planet Manhattan$10,000New YorkLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Planet Pittsburgh$10,000New YorkDeep Space EngineeringF2
Battleship Missouri$10,000New YorkLiberty NavyF5
Norfolk Shipyard$10,000New YorkLiberty NavyF5
West Point Military Academy$10,000New YorkLiberty NavyC5
Fort Bush$10,000New YorkLiberty Police, Inc.E3
Planet Los Angeles$10,000CaliforniaLiberty Police, Inc.C4
Battleship Yukon$10,000CortezLiberty NavyD3
Willard Research Station$10,000CaliforniaLiberty NavyD6
Battlecruiser Lehigh$10,000BeringLiberty Security ForceD3
Riverside Station$10,000CaliforniaSynth Foods, Inc.E4
Planet Denver$10,000ColoradoLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Battleship Rio Grande$10,000ColoradoLiberty NavyC4
Planet Houston$10,000TexasLiberty Police, Inc.F4
LPI Huntsville$10,000TexasLiberty Police, Inc.F4
Battleship Mississippi$10,000TexasLiberty NavyF4
LPI Sugarland$10,000TexasLiberty Police, Inc.F5
Prison Station Mitchell$15,000AlaskaLiberty Security ForceG6
Prison Station Fairbanks$15,000AlaskaLiberty Navy GuardB4
Juneau Shipyard$10,000AlaskaLiberty Navy GuardF7
Philadelphia Station$10,000PennsylvaniaLiberty Police, Inc.D3
Battleship Gettysburg$10,000New LondonLiberty NavyD6
Planet Erie$10,000PennsylvaniaLiberty Police, Inc.E4
Harrisburg Station$10,000PennsylvaniaLiberty Police, Inc.E4
Attica Supermax$15,000ColoradoLiberty Police, Inc.G6 (-10k below plane)
Battleship Alma$10,000CaliforniaLiberty NavyC4
Toronto Station$10,000OntarioDeep Space EngineeringF5
Battleship Ottawa$10,000New LondonLiberty NavyF4
Fort Severn$10,000OntarioLiberty Police, Inc.F1 (10k above plane)
Morgantown Station$10,000VirginiaLiberty Police, Inc.E2
Battleship Concord$10,000PooleLiberty NavyG6